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Beco stretch band



Resistance Bands are a great way to continue your training outside of the pool. Using resistance bands help you to work on specific muscle groups as well as building your performance in the pool. They're a fantastic training tool because they are so versatile, you can work on pretty much any muscle you want to with a few basic exercises. This Beco exercise band can be used both in and out of the water.

It is made of flexible latex (15cm wide by 150cm long) which can be used for a variety of resistance toning and strength building exercises and comes in 3 different strength:

geel - licht - 0.35mm
rood - medium - 0.5mm
blauw - sterk - 0.65mm

Features Material: Flexible latex
Dimensions: 15cm wide by 150cm long Use in and out of the water Helps to work specific muscle groups

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