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Head Liquidfire Swimsuit Black Green

€329,95 €99,00


The Head Liquidfire Swimsuit was developed in collaboration with some of the best professional athletes in various open water swimming disciplines. The development process took more than a year to complete fit and water tests. The compression of the material in this suit delays the formation of lactic acid while providing freedom and unrestricted movement in the water. The fabric on the torso of the suit is designed to allow for natural expansion while maintaining perfect compression, increasing hydrodynamics and reducing vibration. A small panel is placed on the torso to assist in the drainage of excess water. Provides neutral buoyancy and perfect body alignment in the water. Elastic shoulder straps hold the suit in the ideal position, without restriction or shoulder fatigue, even after hours of swimming or running. The female model provides a unique back design optimized for maximum compression in the larger muscles, while leaving natural space for all body movements and positions. The fabric panels are sewn externally with a flat seam for high strength, maintaining an interior free of abrasion and water entry. The seams are positioned to provide structure to the suit without fatiguing the sensitive points of a swimmer's body, even after prolonged use. All finishes on the suit, including the waist band (male), are silicone, preventing even the slightest movement of the fabric from the ideal position during swimming. The fabric is a very light and durable material, which minimizes water absorption during bathing.

- Developed in collaboration with some of the best athletes
- Tests performed for one year to ensure quality
- Made in Italy
- The main composition of the fabric is 68% Nylon and 32% Elastane
- Obtains maximum water repellency while maintaining the degree of breathability within the limits dictated by CMAS standards
- Tissue compression can significantly reduce friction in the water while making the body more hydrodynamic, compacting the musculature and reducing soft tissue vibration
- The correct compression of this model helps to delay the creation of lactic acid while maintaining the sensation of movement in the water
- A small drainage panel is positioned in the crotch
- The fabric-like structure of the cut and seams allows for neutral buoyancy and perfect alignment of the body during swimming
- Elastic strap modules keep the suit in the correct position without overloading the shoulders, even after many hours of exercise
- Offers a unique back design, optimized for maximum compression on larger muscles, leaving the body's natural flexing space
- The fabric panels are sewn externally with a high-strength flat seam, leaving the interior in contact with the body free of abrasion and water entry
- The seams are positioned to provide structure for the item itself without overloading the swimmer's body's sensitive points, even in very prolonged exercise
- Silicone finishes prevent even the slightest movement of the tissue from the correct position during swimming
- The fabric is very light and long lasting
- Bag included to transport the suit
Reference: HE-452184-BKCM

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